The Swindon & Cricklade Railway’s Vintage Train Project is restoring a group of historic railway carriages with the object of re-creating typical passenger journeys of around one hundred years ago.

Cambrian Railways
No 110

Great Western Railway
'Toplight' No 7545

Luggage Brake
No 422
Most heritage railways rely heavily on ex-British Railways coaching stock, and these will certainly provide an authentic experience from the days of the steam-hauled railway. However, there is now a realisation that many visitors want to look further into the past.
      From the heritage railway viewpoint, trains of vintage passenger stock are an additional way of offering ‘living history’ from a still earlier age, with educational as well as leisure advantages.
      The Vintage Train Project operates with a group of Swindon & Cricklade Railway members within the Railway’s facilities. It is supported by the Railway, and also seeks to attract its own Grant Aid funding and individual donations.
      These pages report the progress being made with each of the vehicles in our care, with notes on their original use and the circumstances of their being acquired by the Project.

Progress on Cambrian No 110 reported on the relevant page. Taff Vale No 73 and Luggage Brake No 422 are progressing, but delayed at the moment by extension work at Hayes Knoll shed.
See all these pages for progress at November 2014

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North London Railway
No 111

Taff Vale Railway
No 73

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