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The Swindon & Cricklade Railway has now extended its line to Taw Valley, and the new track is now open for passenger trains.
This is where Taw Valley Halt will be opened in 2013, providing access from Mouldon Hill Country Park until Mouldon Hill Station is built on a further extension of the line.

Pictures on this page illustrate the construction of the Taw Valley track layout, starting in March 2012. It will be seen that the first courses of the platform wall were put in at the same time.

Click here for pictures of the first public trains at Taw Valley on Saturday 25th August 2012

Mid March 2012   Initial work on the approach and groundworks at Taw Valley.

Building up embankment sides.

Preparing the trackbed for the first point.

Overall view of the ground being prepared for the loop.

Mid April 2012   unexpected soft ground was found under the route of the loop. This called for several loads of heavey-grade hardcore. But it was found that lorries could access the site from Mouldon Hill Park, saving the time consuming procedure of delivery to Blunsdon followed by loading and transport by rail.

Soft ground was dug out ...

... and replaced by hardcore.

End of April 2012   After all the groundworks described above, the north point of the loop is now in place.

First point in place.

Weekend 12/13 May 2012   Ballast spread, and six track panels laid for the future platform line.

Works train in site of Taw Valley Halt. Watch it on YouTube - acknowledgements to ayeang00z.

Weekend 19/20 May   More rail laid. Track in the loop is now catching up with the platform line.

Soon be ready for the second point

Site Meeting re the future platform

Weekend 26/27 May   Work has now begun to lay the second point and complete the loop.

First pieces of the jigsaw in place!

20th June   While tracklaying carries on, first courses of the Taw Valley Halt platform wall are built.

First course of platform retaining wall on the right.

1st July 2012   Simultaneous work on track and the passenger platform..

Progress with the crossover at the south end of the loop...

...and the platform retaining wall continues to grow.

20th July 2012   Our tamper at Taw Valley, having attended to the level of the new track.

Beginning to look like a railway!

27th July 2012   All the south end pointwork has now been completed.

This completes the track layout for the new station.

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