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The Swindon & Cricklade Railway offers a round-trip passenger journey of approximately four miles. Trains run between Blunsdon and Hayes Knoll, plus the extension north towards Cricklade and the extension south towards Mouldon Hill.
The future station at Cricklade will be the northern terminus of the Railway. With its historic church, unspoiled High Street and famous Wildflower Meadow, the town will be a worthwhile and popular destination.
South Meadow Lane South Meadow Lane remains the northern limit of operations for the time being.
Hayes Knoll station & locomotive shed
Built by the railway on an empty site, Hayes Knoll station includes the Railway's locomotive shed and restoration centre. More
Blunsdon station & visitor centre
Blunsdon, with its large car park, is a popular 'way in' to the Railway . Blunsdon also offers indoor and outdoor dining and refreshments, plus souvenir shop etc. It is an established venue for private parties. More
Taw Valley Halt, for Mouldon Hill Park
Taw Valley Halt is our newest station, giving direct access to and from Mouldon Hill Country Park. In the future, it will be superceded by a larger station in the Park itself. The Park offers free parking and easy access by public transport.
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